Hey You!

Thanks for stopping by.

We’re in transition right now.
That’s a real fancy way of saying that I am in the midst of looking for a way to update this site so that it could give you a taste of what
I as a songwriter,
and my songs as my music,
are made of at their core.

In case you are in the Austin area (wouldn’t that be a funny coincidence now right then and there!),
come by to Tom’s Tabooley next Thursday the 6th
and I hope to do a much better job at it.
All the details you need on that you will find here.

You can also listen to me singing in Finish here,
or to an old old song friend of mine, Dragonfly, here.

And in due time,
I hope to be able to bring to your heart and ears
all of these new songs
that are taking form right now.

So for now, I best close this computer and head back to the piano.

Until we meet again,
may that way of yours
be beautiful.